My paintings are a combination of observation from life, sketches, photos and memory.

I’m making a conscious effort to observe my surroundings: the New York cityscape, the lighting, the new and the old, the new construction of high rises. I am especially interested in the people that interact with this environment. From children to the elderly, I am interested in all people living their lives, saying and doing their daily things. I respond to this by using it as inspiration and substance for creating my art.

I paint in traditional oils on stretched canvas. I am learning the methods of the old masters, like Velazquez, Rembrandt, Titian, Hals, using earth tone oil colors and their simple approach to paint. I begin with a light sketch, then work thin colors to thicker towards the end. I am constantly experimenting with new materials, recently painting on stretched linen and using materials like wax to give more texture, and having a greater awareness in seeing and painting warm and cool colors.

The biggest interest in creating my art is working from life. Going outdoors with my easel, brushes, paints, and canvas is part of the experience of painting. The same is true when painting in my studio with a figure or still life. My favorite plein air locations are painting at Central Park or painting new high rise buildings around NYC with my easel and canvas. While standing on a sidewalk with people walking past me, I hear all the surrounding sounds of the city and those become a part of the experience.